Eastern Zone

1.Kisaki geothermal Site

Kisaki geothermal prospect is located within Selous game reserve and Mikumi National Park, Morogoro rural district in Morogoro region, Eastern Tanzania.

The prospect is within the sedimentary basin of the Rufiji basin in Eastern arm of the East Africa Rift System (EARS). After the reconnaissance studies, detailed exploration work is currently underway to unlock and develop the geothermal potential of the area.

2.Luhoi geothermal Site

The prospect is found in Rufiji district, Coast region, on eastern coast of Tanzania Mainland.

The prospect falls in the sedimentary Rufiji basin in the ‘Karoo’ rift extending to the Eastern Coast of Tanzania. This prospect falls within the area where oil and gas exploration work has been conducted, and preliminary investigation from oil and gas exploration borehole data, has identified the potential of geothermal resource existence in the area.

3.Utete geothermal site

The site is located approximately 22km south east of Luhoi geothermal prospect, in utete village in Rufiji district, Coast region at the end part of the tributaries of Rufiji River, the hot spring is enclosed by short brick walls.

The area is within the Rufiji river basin and is characterized by sandstones a characteristic of depositional environment of a river.

4.Mtende geothermal site

The area is located within the Selous game reserve in Morogoro rural district, Morogoro region. The spring is outflow from the Mtende river bank.

The geothermal site falls within the Rufiji basin on the Eastern branch of the East Africa Rift System.

5.Tagalala geothermal site

The site is located in Morogoro district, Morogoro region, at the mouth of the Tagalala River within Selous game reserve.

The area falls within the Rufiji basin on the eastern branch of the east Africa rift system. The area is dominated by well exposed dolomitic sandstones with elephantiac texture within the river channel.