Jamhuri Ya Muungano Wa Tanzania

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company


Eneo la utafiti la songwe

These fields are located on the left bank of Songwe River, approximately 30Km west of Mbeya City.

Quaternary volcanic rocks are widely distributed in the fields, where NW -SE trending faults are well developed. Multiple hot springs and white travertine sinter occur in fissures with a similar trend running parallel to the fault.

The hot springs and travertine cover the total area of about 40 Kilometer squire. The travertine is more than 10 m thick at its thickest within the quarry site. The microstructure of the layer within travertine shows the colloform texture that is developed under the precipitation process at the surface. The base of the travertine is composed of Cretaceous sandstone and mudstone.