Jamhuri Ya Muungano Wa Tanzania

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company


Eneo la jotoardhi la Mtagata

The site is located in Rwabigaga village in Kamuli ward, Mabira division, Kyerwa district in Kagera region. It is said in the early days the people paid the Chief of Karagwe a fee for bathing; this fee being reduced for some years after the German occupation, and was finally abolished altogether by the German authorities (Grant C.H.B).

Mtagata area lies within the Karagwe-Ankolean Proterozoic mobile belt of western Tanzania, unconformable overly the sheared granitoid of Archaean Craton of Tanzania to the northwest. It is located east of western limb of the East Africa Rift system

The spring is out flowing from fractured, steeply dipping well interbeded quartzite i.e. Mtagata quartzite trending NW-SE; the fractured quartzite is parallel in contact with steeply dipping sheared phylite?, observed at the foot of Mtagata hill, where there is notable boulders of conglomerate.